VeriPure Models VPC5000 and VP5000

System specifications are as follows:

  • Corona discharge ozone generator capable of providing up to 0.4 PPM ozone concentration in water up to ½ gallon (1.85 liters) water flow per minute/30 gallons (111 liters) per hour.
  • Uses low level ozone technology
  • Spout installation options: counter top or wall mount
  • Sediment filter to remove dirt and sand
  • Carbon block filter for chlorine, lead and cyst reduction
  • Disposable ozone dielectric
  • Optimal water pressure: 50-70 psi
  • All unit materials in contact with water are NSF approved
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low voltage DC operation with 115 VAC wall plug adapter included
  • Will operate on a 12 volt battery
  • Little water waste
  • Green-friendly and organic